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is your factory authorized source for Westerbeke manufactured marine generators and engines for many of the world's leading yacht builders. Seasoned boaters demand performance and reliability which is why yacht builders specify Westerbeke.

Reliable Westerbeke Power

Westerbeke understands that marine applications place products in tight spaces and corrosive environments. We engineer our products not only to provide reliable operation but to run smoothly, since vibration afloat is especially problematic. Precisely balanced shafts, tuned air intakes, low-RPM engine speeds, carefully considered mounts, stainless steel Sound Guard SST bases–these are typical key factors in developing Westerbeke products.

Westerbeke Parts Data

Engine Model HP Notes Engine Year
W 100 100 HP 4 Cylinder Engine May - 1982 to September - 1991
4-99 34 Hp 4 Cylinder Engine March - 1960 to July - 1963
DS 7 7 Hp 1 cylinder engine April - 1976 to September - 1984
W 120 115 HP 6 Cylinder engine. June - 1978 to December - 1982
L-25 22 Hp 4 Cylinder Engine June -1975 to April - 1978
4-60 15 Hp 4 Cylinder Engine February - 1971 to October - 1979
W 80 75 Hp 4 Cylinder Engine 1978 to July - 1982
4-107 40 Hp 4 Cylinder Engine August - 1963 to September - 1975
DS 5 5 HP 2 Cylinder March - 1972 to June 1978
W 70 70 Hp 4 Cylinder Engine May - 1982 to April - 1991


Westerbeke has been an innovator in changing the way things are done in marine systems. Many credit Westerbeke with bringing diesel propulsion to recreational boating and a number of the company’s breakthrough products have been acknowledged in the marine press for decades.

Of more recent interest are Westerbeke’s D-NET™ diesel generators; the first generators available fully networked to NMEA 2000®. Westerbeke foresaw the increased complexity of wiring larger yachts, providing power supply and data/command lines for a huge array of navigation, entertainment, safety and lifestyle electronics.

Another important achievement is Westerbeke’s introduction of the first low-CO products to the marine market. Westerbeke’s leadership in the reduction of carbon monoxide (CO), a lethal byproduct of internal combustion, from the exhaust stream of gasoline-fueled marine generators has been recognized with the marine industry’s highest award for innovation as well as by government agencies. Westerbeke also responded to the needs of smaller powerboats whose rapidly escalating onboard electronics yet very limited space availability now require tiny electrical generators. That led to Westerbeke’s 3.0 BPMG generator, another winner of the industry’s highest award for innovation.

While these innovations are very well known, Westerbeke has many others which help the company remain at the forefront of the industry. Some are related to the Engineering and Manufacturing processes, such as: a fully integrated Pro-E Wildfire CAD/CAM system, linked to our CNC equipment for rapid prototyping and assuring adherence to incredibly tight manufacturing tolerances; an in-factory fully-accredited and calibrated emissions testing laboratory certified to full federal governmental regulatory compliance standards; multiple stereolithography & fused deposition modeling rapid prototyping systems; 7 fully equipped Engineering developmental test cells, 3 with dynamometers and one with a walk-in wide temperature range environmental chamber.

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