Longitude Marine's Privacy Policy

Updated: September 1, 2016

Privacy & Security Policy

  • •    Our site does capture limited information about visits to our site. We use this information to analyze general site traffic patterns (e.g. what content is most popular) and in fulfillment of orders or information requests made by user.
  • •    When users place an order for goods or services we collect all relevant contact and shipping information required to complete and deliver the sale. Credit card transactions are PCI compliant as all credit card sales are transacted between the buyer and Longitude Marine’s credit card servicer. Longitude Marine never collects or stores credit card information.
  • •    We collect the personal data that users volunteer via online registrations, orders, surveys, competitions, or by e-mail.
  • •    LONGITUDE MARINE’s website may provide information we use to e-mail and snail mail information that may be relevant to the user about LONGITUDE MARINE products and services. Users may always opt out of these mailings by contacting:  support@longitudemarine.com
  • •     Visitors to our website are not required to give any personal information in order to use many features on the site. Users can access and browse the site without disclosing personal data (name, address, payment information, etc).    We only collect data with user knowledge and consent when they fill out an online form, log in using their personal logon information or when using e-mail to contact us. Products placed in our online shopping cart are only associated with a specific visitor. The visitor must create an account or login to their online account in order to complete the sale.
  • •    LONGITUDE MARINE does not sell, trade, exchange or give away any of our mailing lists or customer information databases. Any personal information you supply to us, including e-mail addresses, postal mailing addresses, names, phone numbers or demographic information, remains with LONGITUDE MARINE.
  • •    In the event that LONGITUDE MARINE engages in a change of control, it is possible that any part of this policy and the information it covers could change. (See section 10 for information about how to be informed of such changes.) Any collected personal data and information will not be disclosed to governmental institutions or legal authorities except under court order or when required by law.
  • •    Should you have any comments, questions or suggestions please notify our privacy assurance coordinator support@longitudemarine.com
  • •    For orders placed via LONGITUDE MARINE's online store, credit card information is transmitted using encryption. We use encryption technology to further protect your personal information and enhance your shopping experience.
  • •    Should you have any comments, questions or suggestions please notify our privacy assurance coordinator support@longitudemarine.com.
  • •    If you have concerns about the accuracy of information submitted or stored related to your account, please notify us support@longitudemarine.com. You may also see and modify the information of your account by logging into the LONGITUDE MARINE website and clicking the “My Account” link at the top of the home page.
  • •    Like any business policy, it is possible that this policy will change from time to time as business conditions and technologies change. If you would like to be informed when this policy changes, please contact us support@longitudemarine.com.